Campsites in the Northern Highlands

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Site:Applecross Campsite
Applecross, Strathcarron, Wester Ross IV54 8ND
Tel/Fax: 0044 (0)1520 744268
Fee:7 (2 persons/car/tent)
Setting: Applecross is located on the Applecross peninsula between Gairloch and Kyle, turn on the 896 to Shieldaig in Kinlochewe and follow the costal road when you have passed Shieldaig
Ground: leveled and soft, surrounded by trees
Infrastructure:shop, bakery and cafe
Sanitary: showers and toilets, not very comfortable. Cold water.
Comments: Small village at the sea. Beautyful pub
Sightseeing-Tip: Applecross-Pass


Site: ???
Fee: 5.50 /2 persons, car & tent)
7.50 /3 persons, car, caravan) (2002)
Setting: at the beach, but some areas are protected against the wind
There are 3 campsites in Dornoch. One is out of town and outrageous expensive (12), the other is at the outskirts with pitches for tents directly opposite the chemical toilet for 8.50. Therefore visit the third site: pass the village and turn right at the spacious square where the filling station is (only one petrol pump!!!) in direction to the beach.
Ground: soft, leveled
Sanitary: clean
Comments: lots of mobile homes, but enough pitches for tents, very clean and friendly site
Good pubs and restaurants in the village. We recommend The Eagle for good value, good quality food. (John & Dorothy)


Site:Dunnet Bay Caravan Park, The Caravan Club
Tel. 01847 821319
Fee:9.00 (2 persons/car)
6.70 (2 persons/car)
Setting:On the A836 (Thurso - John o'Groats). Located in the middle of green dunes above a splendid sandy beach. Superb view up the cliffs of Dunnet Head.
Ground:soft, level
Infrastructure:washing machine, drier, shop
Sanitary:clean, showers are free
Comment:Club-site, non-members welcome, rather expensive. Beautyfully settled, but rather windy.
For drivers an alternative to the site in Thurso.
Sightseeing-Tip:Dunnet Head, .........., superb panoramic view


Site:Sango Sands Caravan and Camping Site (Photo)
Phone: 0971/511262
Fee: Adult 3,50
5-16 year old 1,60; 0-5 year old free (1998)
3 people, car, caravan, and electric, one night 14.80 (June 2002)
Setting:located in Durness on the clifftop, nice sandy beach
Ground:marshy after heavy rain, most of the area sloping
Infrastructure:cooking shelters, restaurant & gift shop, Laundry (Wasching machine & tumble dryer 1, iron 0,30)
Sanitary:showers (30p) and toilets, hair-drier available (30p).
Comment:It is conveniently next door to the village pub, with good value food. (John & Dorothy)
  • The Smoo-Cave is worth a visit.
    You can watch puffins in the cliffs

Gruinard Bay

Site:Gruinard Bay Camping & Caravanning Site (Foto)
Laide, Wester Ross, IV22 2ND
Tel/Fax: (01445) 731225
1 person64 persons10.50
2 persons85 persons11.75
3 persons9.256 persons13.50
(Prices for caravans, mobile homes or tents.)
Electric hook-up: 2
(1998 --> 2001 +50p)
Setting:Located at the A832. The beach is in front of the site. Sometimes a piper plays the bagpipe at the beach in the evenings.
Ground:hard, only slightly uneven, in good shape even after periods of heavy rain
Infrastructure:small shop in the reception
Sanitary:Showers & toilets (portacabins). Hot water is free.

John O' Groats

Site:John O' Groats Camping & Caravanning Site
St. Rowan, Caithness, Scotland
Tel: (01955) 611329
Car/ Caravan or tent, 2 persons7.50
additional adult/ child:1/0,50
electric hook-up or Awning:1,50
Setting:Next to the pier
Ground:hard, even
Sanitary:Showers & toilets , Facilities for the disabled
Comment:If you don't intend to catch the ferry to the Orkneys - avoid John O' Groats. (Markus)
The John O'Groats ferry company does a combined fery ticket and all day bus tour of the mainland of Orkney for 33. It visits the principle sights including the village of Skara Brae, dating from 3500 B.C. (John & Dorothy)
  • Duncansby Head: The .

John O' Groats

Site:Stroma View Caravan and Camping Park R.G. & E. Dundas
Huna, John O'Groats, Caithness
Phone: 0209/55611313
Fee: 5.50 (Car & tent) (2000)
Setting: in the north-east of Scotland, on the A836 Thurso/John O'Groats, a few minutes from John O'Groats. If you come from Wick, turn of the A99 to the A836 at the Sea View Hotel (left side)
Nice and quiet site with a view over the see.
Ground:soft lawn
Infrastructure:no laundry, but Mrs. Dundas will wash your clothes if you ask her friendly.
Sanitary:Showers & toilets , clean
Comment:A very nice and pleasant site, much cheaper than the sites in Dunnet Bay or John O'Groats. Mr. Dundas is a fisher who sells fishes and lobster (1 kg 10). .
Sightseeing-Tip:Dunnet Head - lots of puffins


Site: Kinlochewe Campsite (Foto)
Setting:The campsite is 3 miles from Kinlochewe on the road to Gairloch .
The site might be hard to find 'cause the site entrance is not signposted. Watch ot for a bungalow - the entrance drive to the bungalow leads to the site.
Ground:uneven, partly damp after rain
Infrastructure:very basic, just a meadow and a toilet
Sanitary:'Shitty'. Just one toilet, no showers. The visitors are request to keep the toilet cleen - you can imagine how it looks like...
Comment:Very basic but free. Only for short-time stays (1 or 2 days)
Midget-Warning: Thousands and thousands of midges populate this place - after three days my skin looks like a relief-map of the Grand Canyon. If you manage to peep through the swarms of midges you can see a rock face with a waterfall.

Lairg / Achnairn

Site:Woodend Caravan & Camping Park (Foto)
Achnairn, Lairg, Sutherland
IV27 4DN Achnairn
Tel.+Fax 01549 40 22 48
Fee:5,50 for 2 persons incl. car und tent (1998)
Setting:Located to the north of Lairg at a side street of the B838 - follow the signs
Ground:hard, sloping
Infrastructure:The reception is the shop and the post office of Achnairn, there is a small libary in the toilet block, small childrens playground, laundry (wasching m. 1,10 / drier 20p min. / iron 20p)
Sanitary:Showers & toilets , clean. Shower10p/4min., Hair drier 20p
Comment:The laundry is behind the showers (hard to find)
Very quiet place. Two or tree times a day there are disturbances by the RAF (low-level flight training)
Not suitable for backpackers - no buss from Achnairn to Lairg.

Sightseeing-Tip:Shin Falls

Lochinver (Achmelvich / I)

Site:102 Achmelvich Site (Foto)
102 Achmelvich, Lochinver, Lairg
Sutherland, Highlands
Tel: 01571 844262
Fee:1. person: 4,00
2 persons: 4,50; 4 (if you stay a week or more)
(Prices for caravans and tents) / (1998)
Setting:Small meadow, surrounded by sheltering mounds. . Lovelly situated in the middle of dunes, a few yards away from one of the most beautyful beaches scotlands - golden-yellow sand and turquoise water. 3 miles from Lochinver.
Ground:hard and even
Infrastructure:Very basic, only a toilet and a shower in a portacabin. Showers 20p/5min.
Sanitary:2 toilets and 1 shower in an older portacabin.

Lochinver (Achmelvich / II)

Site:Shore Caravan Platz Achmelvich (Foto)
Website with the latest prices
Unit Type:1 Person:2 Persons:4 Persons+:
Caravan / large Caravanette / Frame Tent:£7.50£8.00£8.50
small Caravanette / Tent with Car/Motorcycle£6.50£7.00£7.50
Tent with bicycle:£5£5.50£6.00
Setting:Next to the 102 Achmelvich Site
Ground:in good shape even after heavy rain, sloping
Infrastructure:laundry (washing machine 2.50, drier 1.25, washing powder 0.40), small shop, snack shop
Sanitary:showers and toilets


Site:Poolewe Caravan and Camp Site, The Caravan Club
Fee:14.00 (2 persons incl. car, non-members) USURY!
Setting:lokated on the coastal road A837, overlooks the bay.
Ground:soft lawn, level, rocky under the thin topsoil
Infrastructure:washing machine, drier, shop
Sanitary:very clean, showers are free
Comment:Exorbitant prices! Visit one of the other places in the vicinity if possible.
Sightseeing-Tip:Inverewe Gardens - ...........


Fee:5 (2 persons, car & tent)
Ground: spacious lawn
Infrastructure: sink for dish washing only
Sanitary: clean but very basic, just one shower and two toilets, warm water costs 10p, showers 20p
Comments: In general, you should avoid this area. In Dounreay is an old nuclear power plant (fast breeder), the beach is polluted.


Site:Scrabster Road Caravan Park
Car/Motorbike + tent:6.257.25
small tent (for 2):44.50
large tent:5.256.50
extra adult 55p, senior citizen/children 30p, hook up 1.75
Setting:on the main street, large meadow, the sea is behind the camping site
Ground: After rain EXTREMELY muddy! Do not camp in the hollows which are near the path above the cliffs, you might drown in your tend after rain. I have seen campers with rolled-up trousers kneeing in their tents, trying to get all the water out.
See to it that you do not park your car on a too soft part of the lawn, after heavy rain it got stuck! (M.G.)
Infrastructure: Top - Restaurant (snacks), common room with billiard and tv, laundry (washing m. 1.50, drier 1)
Sanitary:Vanessa: unsatisfactory
Markus: The showers and toilets does not make a bad impression to me. There are enough showers and toilets, warm water ist free. But the place was not too crowded when I was there. Due to the soft ground there might be more soil when the site is completely occupied. The toilets and showers are closed up to 6 hours a day for cleaning. Pledge for the toilet key: 6
Comments:Vanessa: nearest camping site to Scrabster
Markus: Nice view to the cliffs of Dunnet Head, the most northern point of Schotland
Sightseeing-Tip:Sail from Scrabster to the Orkneys


Site:Broomfield Holiday Park Foto
Ullapool, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, IV26 2SX.
Tel: (+44) 01854 612020 & 612664
Fax: (+44) 01854 613151
email / Homepage
Caravan or large tent + car 10
small tent+ car8
Motor Home9
Motorbike & tent6
Hiker + tent5
Hook up 1,50 / Awning 1.50 / Extra adults (over 2) 1
Setting:near to the pier, surrounded by the sea
Infrastructure:shop, washing and drying machine, etc.
Sanitary: sufficient, clean
shower cost 20p/6min.
Comments: no protection against the wind

Site:Ardmair Point Caravan and Camping Park
Ardmair Point, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2TN
Tel: 01854 612054
Fax: 01854 612757
email / Homepage
Fee: 7-10 per day (Tent/Car)
7.50-10 (Motor Home)
Setting:4 miles north of Ullapool, situated on the shore , wonderful view to the summer isles
Ground: sheltered meadow, some damp areas inland. Hard stands (gravel) for mobile homes at the shore, nice view
Infrastructure:shop, washing and drying machine, restaurant, boats for hire, telephone, childrens playground. Dogs are welcome.
Sanitary: sufficient, clean. Hairdryers available.
Comments: A spacious site, located in a beautiful landscape. The site is worth a visit. (Ralph)
beautiful site, but not very suited for backpackers because the site is a few miles outside of Ullapool. The site is better suited for people with cars or caravans. (Markus)


Fee:7 pound (2 persons, car)
Comments:After hiking through the highlands you can recover from the midges here. Very pleasant and tidy, lots of bushes subdivides the camping site into sections, lots of wooden benches (you can bring them to your tent)

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