Campsites in the Lowlands

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Site: Sundrum Castle Holiday Park
Coylton By Ayr, Ayr, South Ayrshire, KA6 5JH
Tel: 01292/570057
Fax: 01292/570065
Opend from: 20 April - October
Fee:11 (2 persons/car/tent)
Setting: The site 4 miles east of Ayr (follow the A70 to Cumnock, turn left into the drive to Sundrum Castle just before you reach Coylton Village)
Ground: the ground is very soft and wet - you need Wellingtons after rain. There is a special area for tents - but this area is sloping and you have to park your car elsewhere. For 2 pounds more you can pitch up your tent on level ground next to your car.
Infrastructure: Fastfood, gambling room, shop, disco, kindergarten, swimming pool, small laundry, public phone, TV
Sanitary: clean, hair dryer 20p, 5 deposit for the key.
Comments: outrageous expensive, very loud because of the disco, no flair, no view - horrible

Bonchester Bridge

Site:Bonchester Bridge Caravan Park
Fee:5.00 (2 persons/car)
Setting:Quiet & peaceful site far away from the mainroads, located in a little village surrounded by hills and a few miles north of the scotish border.
Ground:soft and even, muddy after heavy rain
Infrastructure:washing machine, drier, shop, pub nearby the site
Sanitary:older, slightly filthy but still acceptable, showers 50p
Comments:quiet, most of the visitors are british
Sightseeing-Tip:Hermitage Castle, Jedburgh Abbey


Site:Coldingham Southcroft Holiday Centre
St Abbs Road, Coldingham,Eyemouth, Borders, TD14 5NB
Tel.(01890) 771338
Fax: (01890) 771746
Opend from: March - October
Fee:2 persons incl. car: 8 pound
Setting:behind the scotisch border (west coast), near Kelso (turn off the A1 onto the A1107. In Coldingham take the B6438 to St Abbs, site is signposted)
Infrastructure:Bar, billiard, entertainment for children, restaurant, diving shop, Iron, launderette, public phone, pets welcome
Sanitary:facilities for the disabled, showers, toilets
Commenst:a clean camping site, mainly caravans, seperated pitches for tends


Dalkeith ( see Edinburgh)


Site:Thorntonloch Caravan Park
East Lothrian
Fee: 5 (small tent)
7 (2 large tent)
Setting: Dunbar is a small holiday resort at the east coast, southeast from Edinburgh and a few miles east of Haddington. The site is located at the sea.
Ground: leveled
long term campers is given a pitch near the parking lot, hikers have to pitch their tents aside in the greens.
Infrastructure:washing machine, drier, small shop
Comments: small, very clean, lots of mobile homes, quietly settled at the sea
unfortunately there is a nuclear power station over the hill (hardly visible), the site is suited for your way through to the north.


Site:Little France Site
219 Old Dalkeith Road

Fee:8 pound (2 persons incl. car)
Setting:Located in the outskirts of Edinburgh on the A7, a few yards beyond a filling station, bus no. 33, 82, 89
Comments: 15 minutes from the centre of E'burgh , very comfortabe site with wooden benches und lots of shady trees. The filling station owner operates a shop for food stuff. The disadvantage of this site is the noisy main road.

This site has closed down in 1999 due to the erection of a new building. But there is another campsite with lots of greenspace in Newtongrange, 5 minutes away from E'burg. The site is located under a bridge and costs 12 pound. There is a bus to E'burgh.


Site:Morton Hall Caravan Park
38 Mortonhall Gate, Frogston Road East
Edinburgh EH16 6TJ
Fon 0131-664 1533 Fax: 0131-664 5387
from 5.3. 8,25 GBP
from 2.4. 9,5 GBP
afrom 11.6. 11,25 GBP
from 16.7. 12,75 GBP
from 3.9. 9,5 GBP
from 1.10. - 31.10. 8,25 GBP

Setting:Settled in a park-like area at the southern outskirts of Edinburgh, good connection to the centre of Edinburgh by bus no. A720, A701 or B701
Ground:soft grass, uneven
Infrastructure:all facilities (washing machine, drier, tv-room, shop, restaurant, games room.
Sanitary: very good, showers free
The showers weren't clean and therefore hard to use with kids. (Karri)
Comment: The site usually crowded but comparatively quiet. Outrageous fares in spite of the excellent facilities.
Sightseeing-Tip:Edinburgh (Bus 7/11 and 31/33, 30 min, 85p.)


Site: Linwater Caravan Park West Clifton, By East Calder
Lothian EH53 0HT
Tel. 0131 333 3326
Fax. 0131 449 3699
Fee:12 for 6 persons + car + tent
8-10 for 2 persons+car+tent
Setting: Close to Edinburgh airport.
West along A8 to Newbridge roundabout and from there B7030 south. Follow the marks to the right to East Calder.
Ground: In the countryside setting. Soft grass. Even. Not muddy in spite of rain
Infrastructure:Facitilities brand new (washing machine, dryer, tiny herbal garden for guests' meals, sandpit with toys for kids
Sanitaryvery clean, free showers and toilets
Comment: Very friendly owners who run the site. You can hear the airplanes by night.
Sightseeing-Tip:A car is needed to reach the campsite. Near Union Canal.


Fee:4 (2 persons, bicycles, 1 tent)
(October 2000)
Setting: Galashields is a small town in the Borders south of Edinburgh and some miles north west of Melrose (at the A7). The Campsite is located at the nothern edge of town.
Sanitary:in an incredible bad condition, repulsice
Comments:creepy atmosphere, countless wild dogs populate this site, do not camp there

Gatehouse of Fleet

Site: Auchenlarie Holiday Park
Tel. 01557/840251 / Fax.840333
Fee:5.50 (2 persons, car, tent)
Opend from: March - October
Setting:Gatehouse of Fleet is located near the A75 between Dumfries and Stramaer. Follow the A75 from Gatehouse in direction Creetown, the campsite is 4 miles of Gatehouse at the end of the Fleet Bay. There are two rows for tents - on row at the river (midgets!) and one row at the slope with special parking-bays underneath the tents. The tents are on a elevation.
Ground: hard and grassy grounds
Infrastructure: shop (gas for sale), 2 pubs, gambling room, fast food, childrens playground, indoor swimming pool, telephone. Only one sink for cleaning dishes. The area is surveillanced by cameras.
Sanitary: There's a sanitary building near the tents with four very narrow showers (20p). No hair drier or power supply in the mens room. Enough toilets and washbassins. The lights in the corridor are on all night long and music is playing in teh building. 2 pounds deposit for the key.
Comments: Very spacious area with over 300 trailers. But you see not much of the trailers from the tents area because the site is located around some small hills, you have a wonderfull view over teh Wigtown Bay instead. You can climb down to a small bay from the site. This site is also suited in the low season for people who love beautiful lonesome places.

Gretna Green

Site:The Braids Caravan-Park (Foto)
Annan Road (B721)
Dumfries & Galloway
Scotland DG16 5DQ
Tel./Fax: 01461-337409
Fee: 6 for 2 persons, car & tent ( September 98)
Setting:At the B721, follow the signs from Gretna Green.
Ground:hard, one tend area is leveled, the other is slightly sloping
Infrastructure:laundry, childrens playground
Sanitary:Showers & toilets , very clean. The toilets next to the tents are in portacapins. Shower 20p.
Comment:Greetna Green is not worth a visit


Site:Hoddom Castle Caravan Park
Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire
DG11 1AS Hoddom
Tel. 01576 30 02 51
Fee: 2 persons, car:
March, April, October5,00
May, June, September7.00
July, August (+public & religious holidays)8.50
Setting:located in the castle grounds, drive along the A75 (Annan), then follow the B 723 for 5 miles (to the north) or the A74(M) to Ecclefechan, then 5 miles westwards (B725)
Ground:soft lawn, even
Infrastructure:shop, washing machine, drier, hair drier, billiard, table tennis, golf, childrens playground, pub, restaurant
Sanitary:clean, free showers
Sightseeing-Tip:Sweetheart Abbey and Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries


Site:Gallowhill Caravan Park, Gallowhill Farm
Gallowhill Farm, Kinross, KY13 0RD
Tel (01577) 862364
Opend from: April - October
Fee:5 pound (2 persons, incl. car)
Setting: Near Loch Leven. Leave the M90, turn onto the A922. Turn left at the T-junktion, after mile turn left into Gallowhill Road
Infrastructure:launderette, shop
Sanitary:clean toiletts, 5 pound pledge for the keys, facilities for the disabled
Comments:The campingsite is a large meadow behind a farm, very quiet and nearby Loch Leven Castle


Site: Dunnikier Caravan Park
Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy, Fife, KY1 3ND
Tel: 01592/267563
Fee:£6.20 (2 persons, car, tent)
Setting: Kirkcaldy is located on the A921 13 miles east of the Forth Bridges in Edinburgh. The campsite is on the 981 Boreland in direction of Dunmikier, on the outskirts of Kirkcaldy
Ground:grassy, under large, old and shady trees.
Infrastructure: Shop and reception are opened until 5p.m. After 5 p.m. you can register in the hous left of the entrance. Sinks (not roofed)
Sanitary: 3 showers, free. 20p for the hair drier in the ladys room, no hair dryer in the mens room.
Comments: The site is acceptable, the first site we have ever seen with large amounts of flowers in the toilets


Site:Silvercraigs Site
Silvercraigs Road, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway
Tel: 01557/330123
Opend from: Easter - October
Fee: 7,95 (2 persons, bicycles, 1 tent)
(October 2000)
Setting: Kirkcudbright is a small town located at the Solway Firth at the southcoast of Scotland. The former artist-colony is situated southeast of Dumfries at the A711 between Dalbeattie and Gatehouse of Fleet. The campsite is located on a hill near a park and overviews the town and the surrounding area. The site is signposted from main street.
Region: Lowlands
Ground: lawn
Infrastructure:washing machine, tumbling drier, pets welcome
Sanitary: The showers and toilets are clean and in a flawless condition, hot water is free
Comments: the most beautiful campsite we have visited during our holidays


Site:Clyde Valley Caravan Park
Kirkfieldbank, Nr. Lanark, South Lanarkshire
Tel: 01555/663951
Fax: 01698/357684
Opend from: April - October
Fee:GBP 6.00 (2 persons, car)
Setting:in the Valley of Clyde (settled and industrialized area), 15 miles southeast of Glasgow. Leave the M74 onto the A73 for Lanark, mile north to Kirkfieldbank.
Infrastructure:washing machine,
Sanitary:filthy, strong smell of chlorine in the toilets, showers 20p
Comment:very quiet place, run-down
Sightseeing-Tip:New Lanark

Newton Stewart

Fee: 7 (2 persons, bicycles, 1 tent)
(October 2000)
Setting: Newton Stewart is located at the southeast-coast of Scotland a little bit above the upper end of the Wigtown Bay (at the junction A75 and A714). The campsite is located at the southern edge of the village
Region: Lowlands
Sanitary: the hot water is not free and the cold water is soiled.
Comments: mainly caravans on this site, use this site only if other sites are overcrowded

Powfoot (near Gretna)

Site: Queensberry Bay
Fee:8 (2 persons, car, tent)
Setting: Powfoot is located between Gretna and Dumfries. Follow the B724 from Gretna to Annan, pass Annan, the next village is Powfoot. The site is situated on the shore.
Region: Lowlands (Drumfries & Galloway)
Ground:spacious pitches, level and grassy
Infrastructure: older but fine kitchen, small shop with goods for everyday use
Sanitary: free showers (3-4), old but clean toilets, no hair dryer for mans room

Rockcliffe by Dalbeattie

Site: Castle Point Caravan Site
Barcloy Road, Rockcliffe by Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway, DG5 4QL
Tel: 01556/630248
Opend from: April - October
Setting: Dalbeattie is on the A710, 15 miles southwest of Dumfries. Follow the A710 for 5 miles from Dumfries and turn right in direction to Rockcliffe. The campsite is situated on the grounds of a former farm.
Ground:grassy ground, sloping. A meadow is reserved only for tents.
Infrastructure:Washing machine. Special sinks for dirty dishes and for the preparation of vegetables.
Sanitary: Two showers for men, two for women and one shower and toilet for handicaped people. Enough toilets, the showers are free. There is no hair-drier and no power supply for a hair drier in the mens room.
Comments:The site entrance is deterrent - the site borders on a pasture. But it's a spacious site with enough free space for everyone and an incredible view over the Rockcliffe Bay.
Sightseeing-Tip: The village Kippford or Scaur (nice harbour)

Sandhead (near Stranraer)

Site: Sands of Luce Caravan Park
Sandhead, Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway, DG9 9JR
Tel: 01776/830456
Fax: 01776/830456
Opend from: Mid March - October
Fee:7 (2 persons, car, tent)
Setting: Sandhead is located 8 miles south of the harbour-town Stranraer, itself located on the hammershaped peninsula 'Rinns of Galloway' in the southwest of the scotish lowlands. The site is situated at the water.
Ground: special tents area, large pitches, surrounded by a small rampart which shelters from the wind but blocks up the wonderfull view.
Infrastructure:childrend playground, very small shop, sinks, launderette, public phone, pets welcome
Sanitary: new comfortable sanitary building, showers are free, hair dryer (20p), facilities for the disabled
Comments: nice area, windy in the autumn, the beach invites for long walks


Site:Witches Craig Caravan & Camping Park
Blairlogie, Nr. Stirling, Stirlingshire, FK9 5PX
Tel: 01786/474947
Opend from: April - October
Fee: Tents: 9-12 per day
Setting:outside of Stirling on the A91, site is signposted
Infrastructure:launderette, childrens playground, public phone, pets welcome
Sanitary: facilities for the disabled, showers, toiletts
Comments:A pleasant and tidy campsite

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